18ct White gold cushion cut claw set emerald dress ring with a halo of diamonds grain set and a twisted diamond shank

White gold weight:  15 grams

Cushion cut emerald:  9.63ct

Total diamond weight:  0.97ct

BARCODE:  20026738


Estimated value:  $35000


Please note this piece may take approximately 3 weeks to create and deliver. Your custom made piece will be elegantly presented within an Everjewels jewellery box with a certified appraisal. We also offer FREE Platinum express post for safe delivery. Please enquire at everjewels@optusnet.com.au for price and other custom specifics you may require, thank you.


While Colombia leads the world in emerald production, Zambia is fast making a name for itself in regards to the mining of these precious stones. In recent decades, production of the May birthstone in this part of the world has dramatically picked up in pace as jewelers and consumers alike discover the inherent and distinct beauty of this country’s bluish-green emeralds, which are said by many to rival Colombian emeralds’ distinct deep green in eye appeal. 

Emerald engagement rings that feature stones from Zambia are distinct in their coloration. These stones are said to carry colour throughout whereas those from Colombia tend to have a clear core. In addition, Zambian stones tend to be a little less brittle and porous than emeralds mined in other parts of the world, making them a touch stronger naturally. 

As the popularity of Zambian emeralds rise, this country is now second only to Colombia in production of these precious stones. Zambian emeralds value is strong, but adding to the distinction of these stones is the fact that emerald prices tend to be lower for those mined here versus those from Colombia. The price difference, however, isn’t due to a quality concern. It lies more in the fact that Colombia is the world’s biggest producer of emeralds. Stones from Colombia simply have tradition on their side when prices are set. 

Fast Facts About Zambian Emeralds

Zambian emeralds, like their counterparts from other geographical regions, are known for:

  • Their strength – These precious stones rate between a 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. That puts them just behind a ruby or sapphire’s 9 and a diamond’s 10.
  • Their use as traditional gifts – In addition to being the May birthstone, emeralds are also associated with 20th and 35th anniversaries.


When only a stunning green stone will do, Zambian emeralds are sure to please. Noted for their bluish-green beauty these stones deliver timeless quality that is perfect for any setting. 

18ct White gold cushion cut emerald diamond halo ring

SKU: 20026738
Ladies Ring Size
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