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Jewelry Repair Near Me

How Much Does Jewelry Repair Near Me Cost?

When you truly cherish a piece of jewelry, you tend to wear it more often than other pieces. It's fun to show off something you love so much, but this also puts you at risk for damaging it. When this happens, trust Forever Jewels Design Studio 8 for jewelry repair near me. 

  We do Rhodium Plating services. Inquire today in store.                     
Sometimes you need to change the size of a ring. This can be because you lost weight, you are gifting it to someone of a different size, or you want to wear it on a different finger. Inquire today for prices.
Other Jewelry
Necklaces can frequently get tangled during storage. They can be hard to untangle when you're being cautious about not breaking them. Thankfully, we can handle this for you. Repairing the post on an earring, or changing it from a drop earring to a post can be done too. Inquire today for prices.
Your favorite jewelry can go through a lot and may need to be repaired or have parts replaced in order to keep it looking its best. At Forever Jewels Design Studio 8, we offer onsite jewelry repair near me for a variety of pieces in your collection.

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